Thursday, February 7, 2008

Brief Introduction

"You are what you blog"?

There you are. Just another gross overreaction to the technology and social trends.

Exactly the kind of pitfall we try to avoid, and a good starting point for defining what and why we blog.

As a group (small group) of technology consultants at the southern tip of the Americas, we try to give our customers the most up-to-date-yet-wise advice available at any given moment. And that means a lot of research and reading to be done, coffee to be drink and sheets of paper to be trashed. Not to mention the countless code prototypes to be built and discarded.

When dust is settling down and a concept -even a small one- seems to emerge, it's the right moment for it to be tested by exposing it as a blog entry. And there we go.

Which are our blog subjects? Mostly software architecture and Microsoft development technologies, generally evolving around our main concern: the best way of building enterprise software applications.

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